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Jalyn Powell

Professional Summary

Jalyn Powell is a dedicated and experienced professional with a strong passion for social change and community empowerment. With a background in program management, facilitation, and advocacy, Jalyn has successfully led and implemented various initiatives to foster positive change.

Jalyn has excelled in expanding program outreach and partnerships in Kent and Sussex County, Delaware. By conducting effective outreach activities and building strong relationships with stakeholders, Jalyn has significantly increased program visibility and attracted potential students, partners, and supporters. 

As the CEO and Founder of OUTLOUD LLC, Jalyn has made a significant impact by providing strategic outreach and engagement opportunities in areas such as mental health and wellness, leadership development, and racial/social justice. Jalyn has worked closely with youth, communities, and organizations, serving as a mentor, advocate, and liaison to ensure marginalized communities are treated equitably.

Jalyn's commitment to community empowerment extends to coaching high school basketball, advocating for at-risk youth, and coordinating youth mentoring programs.


Content Strategy  Program Visibility     Community Empowerment    Advocacy 
  Social Change    Program Management    Grant Execution



Program Manager | Network Connect

  • Oversees the Dual School Social Change program, coordinating program delivery, and ensuring that the curriculum is well-structured.

  • Executes successful outreach initiatives and cultivates robust relationships with stakeholders.

  • Coordinates program delivery to ensure successful outcomes.


Program Manager | Strive 

  • Strengthens and develops partnerships, develops innovative programs, and implements equity-focused initiatives.

  • Effectively contributes to grant application and execution.

  • Facilitates and leads program workshops, events,  ensuring client satisfaction and engagement.


2023- Current

Regent School of Law

 Transformative Social Change, PHD


Regent School of Law

Human Rights & Rule of Law, MA


Delaware State University

Political Science, BS


Jalyn takes pride in being an activist for all, promoting and advocating for people regardless of their background or orientation. With a strong desire to inspire change within communities, Jalyn firmly believes that influencing even just one person is enough to make a difference in the world.

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