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Jalyn Powell

Milford School Board


When purpose calls, who am I to not answer? Across the board there has been a lack of representation in our education systems. The Milford School District specifically has about 50% minority enrollment and that percentage is not reflected in those that aid in the decision making for these students. Milford School District has about 13% of teachers who identify as black, hispanic/latino or multi-racial. 4% of the official/Administrative staff is hispanic or latino with 96% of them being white. Two out of the seven board members are persons of color. Out of 48% of the Milford student body identifying as female, there is currently only ONE female board member. This climate truly impacts the success rate and socio-emotional wellness of the students we serve. It is important that we create a board that reflects the community and the student body. As a young bi-racial woman, I can attest to the challenges that get overlooked everyday in marginalized groups. While my platform is servicing all students, I will work extra hard to make sure everyone is included and truly no child is left behind.

Currently, Milford School District has a proficiency rate of 17 percent in mathematics and 39 percent in ELA (English Language Arts), and for me that is unacceptable. Whether that's improvement in curriculum or access to tutoring services, I will look into ways to improve our students' efficiency rates in those areas to make sure we are doing our job as an educational system in preparing our students for the future. 


I’m not here as a political candidate. I consider myself a community liaison where my focus is in the best interests of the people we serve. While we`ve made so much progress, there is still a lot of work to do. I plan to focus on the success and engagement of our students, families, staff and community alike. We need our village and we must work together by providing transparency, accountability and comprehensive communication across the board. 

Education. Engagement. Empowerment.






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Vote Jalyn Powell for Milford School Board At Large

May 10, 2022

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